Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Melchizedek says . . .

Consider how mankind has lost his true identity:
As he accepts ideas about himself from others, he loses his way.
Ask not what others think, ask and get answers from your own heart.

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  1. Hi Master Melchizedek,

    It is inevitable not to be a target of opinions. Often they are not constructive. Yesterday I had one of this. The human part got over the other part. As a human I felt hurt, because the opinion was stupid (sorry for my language). I felt so hurt that I even asked Mother Sikhmet to tell me her secret how she has made herself accepted in her world. I knew the answer of Mother Sikhmet, but the human “I” wanted to let her know that I was hurt...! (“Mama please, X – hit me...!”)

    Because of that little say yesterday, today I had a haircut that cost $35 and a colour that cost $50, plus $11.05 tax, all together $96.05, a fortune for my budget!!! Who is the stupid now: the person that said something and left in her business as if nothing happened, or I who took for granted something little and became little that the little...

    Hard to explain ourselves when it comes to accepting ideas from others. It turns to be a "tragedy" when the saying is of something "bigger".
    Love you very much.